About Us

Our mission
simple. To bring healthy, wholesome & flavorful Country Chicken
to your table. Because as we all know,
good food means good mood.


Spending time with our chickens on the farms has always been what we love. When we visit them, it becomes too familiar to us the care and effort we put into raising our chickens daily. We love taking care of them just as much as you love taking care of your health and those of your loved ones. And so, with our determination and will to continue just that, we aimed at providing you the best there is—free-range, antibiotic, hormone-free, organic country chickens.

Our humble journey began in 2009. It's when Mr. Hemambar Reddy realizes his love and desire to raise Country Chickens. With his insightful knowledge regarding them and how the meat industry should work, he joined hands with Mr. Saikesh & Mr. Sami to bring about Country Chicken Co. Our collective goal has always been to support local farmers and bring natural, wholesome Country Chickens to each home in India. After 12 years in the business, we produce some of the highest quality Country Chicken meat. And our mission continues to create a healthier future.

Premium Organic Country Chicken Meat

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Our farms and meat processing strictly follows ICAR & NCR meat standards to ensure that you get nothing but the highest quality of organic meat possible.

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Country Chicken Co's meat is nutritious and flavourful at the same time. We never use antibiotics, added hormones, or steroids on our chickens.

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Our highest standard of caring for our Country Chickens means all of them to spend more time outside and living their lives as nature intended them to.

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With intensive knowledge at hand, we constantly strive to provide you and your loved ones with premium quality organic meat that you grew up with or wish to include in your health-conscious lifestyle.


Now that's a tongue twister for you guys. But at Country Chicken Co, our crew defines what we give out. Our farmers, team, and everything that goes into our company are what you get at your table. We all share the same commitment to doing things the right way. We're a collaborative team driven by an overall passion for creating a healthier, more sustainable food system that everyone will love & appreciate.

Our Team

Suri Babu, Farmers’ Man

A farmers’ man, working tirelessly to improve the lives of country chicken farmers. Has a 20 years experience in poultry industry and has risen to be one of the biggest wholesale trader of country chicken in India. Directly and indirectly associated with 15,000+ farmers across several states of India.

G Saikesh Goud , Founder-CEO

A BTech & MTech graduate from IIT BHU (VARANASI), Saikesh comes with eight years of business experience in fourteen different states of India, and a diverse professional background. With his strongest assets being his tremendous exposure, experience in retail brands and a great network of high net worth individuals, he packs quite a punch! His business profile houses impressive names like Ploughmen Innovations Pvt Ltd, Cornquest Foods Pvt Ltd & Venagro Nutri Foods Pvt Ltd.

Mohd Sami uddin , Co-Founder-COO

With five years of demonstrated experience in multiple fields, Sami flaunts a plethora of talents and techniques. He is equipped with diverse knowledge in sales, marketing, leadership skills, negotiating, retail marketing, event management and digital marketing, among other equally crucial skills. He is a calculated risk taker under whose mentorship, many students thrived in financial literacy.