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Classic Andhra
Country Chicken

Classic Andhra Chicken is one of the traditional country chickens that’s a free-range, fighter breed that takes up to 3 to 6 months to raise. There’s a way you can spot it. It has a long neck! It has a high tolerance for heat and is disease resistant due to its high immunity. Not only that, they’re rich in protein & vitamins like Vitamin D & Niacin, which helps in preventing the weakening of DNA or genes. It also helps keep diseases like Alzheimer’s at bay! The meat has very little fat since it roams and enjoys a lot of activity across the farm.

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Country Chickens

Raw andhra country chicken pieces preapared for cooking
Classic andhra hen



We started as a small family farm. We didn't expand our farm as we grew; instead, we found more like-minded partners who favored the welfare of their beloved chickens. We now work with over 15000 farmers across our lush farms to provide our MVPs with the comfortable lifestyle they deserve. Every one of them has access to our expansive fresh pastures, where they enjoy roaming around our mother nature while breathing fresh air and resting after the sunsets.

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