Country chicken farming

Our Farm

The Gift Of Soil

All our farms are prosperous from the soil beneath. When chickens roam around our farms, all they get is rich food, healthy fruits, and so much more honest to goodness feed. All our family farmers have one thing in common: they love what they do. And they do it the right way. It’s what motivates them to take care of our chickens, how they feed them, and the meat that comes to your family table.

Country chicken farm

It's A Family Affair

We have a network of farms run by experienced 15000+ farmers in South India who not only have gained a lot of experience in their field of work over the years, but alongside that, they're the most genuine, dedicated, and down-to-earth people we work with from day to day. We realized that it wasn't about becoming huge by mass consumption, but rather about bringing good, healthy, and wholesome food to your table that takes care of our families and yours, as well as our chickens and the planet.

Our Farmers Section:

Like all Country Chicken Co farmers, everyone’s committed to organic, sustainable raising chickens: healthy for people and the planet.