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Warrior Country

Warrior Chicken (mainly known as Pandhem Kodi) is a fighter bird raised most lushly and royally possible. It takes between 6 to 24 months to raise Warrior Chickens. Before sunrise, the birds are fed almonds, cashews, and pulses. A dose of dry fruits and cereals are given from time to time to make it one of the healthiest country chicken birds. Warrior chickens are used for the cockfighting tradtion, which has been performed in India since ancient times as a form of entertainment. It's the coolest bird that's been raised in farms, and if you're interested in sampling this delicacy then you've come to the right place!


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Warrior country chicken



We started as a small family farm. We didn't expand our farm as we grew; instead, we found more like-minded partners who favored the welfare of their beloved chickens. We now work with over 15000 farmers across our lush farms to provide our MVPs with the comfortable lifestyle they deserve. Every one of them has access to our expansive fresh pastures, where they enjoy roaming around our mother nature while breathing fresh air and resting after the sunsets.

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